Mus-Sage Chair

The Mus-Sage chair is an invention that was made by Kin in the episode "Zoohouse Rock." It is a musical massage chair. Kin used it this episode to get a massage from music but he used to much power when doing it. This sent him flying into the garage door.


The Mus-Sage chair is a massage chair that is made up of amps and speakers. The chair is a giant amp with a speaker on top. The seat is a amp lying on it's side and he arm rests are also amps. The chair stands on top of two other amps lying on their sides. There are two speakers on the sides of the giant amp that are connected to the rest if the chair with red cords. The chair is controlled by a yellow remote connected to a black cord.


  • Mus-Sage chair is a pun on massage chair.

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