This is the transcript for the episode "No Strings Attached".


  • (Kin and Laney are standing outside the bathroom door.)
  • Laney: Kon! (Groan) Quit playing giant with the tiny soaps! We've gotta practice!
  • Kon (Behind the door): I'm not doing that ... This time.
  • (Corey runs up in screen)
  • Corey: Guys look! It's captain carney and the bubble bunch band!
  • (Kin and Laney give him confused looks)
  • Corey: He's to ship captain who works at a carnival. They're a colorful band in a bubble.
  • (Cricket chirping)
  • Kon (Behind the door): Are there crickets out there or was that an awkward pause?
  • Corey: Come on guys, the bubble bunch was an inspiration!
  • (Trina and Mina bust in)
  • Trina: Try abomination, like all puppets.
  • Corey: Puppets? If legendary front man, Bobby Blue is just a puppet, would he have inspired me to start my own band?
  • Kon (Behind the door): Not likely.
  • Trina: Freeze frame! Are you saying your dingus band only exists because of the bubble bunch?
  • Corey: For sure! Minus the mean stuff.
  • Trina: I shall destroy the bubble bunch!
  • Corey: I shall thank the bubble bunch!
  • Kin: Meh.
  • (Everyone leaves except for Kon)
  • Kon (Behind the door): Hey guys, what are we doing in this episode?
  • (Toilet paper wipe)
  • (Trina and Mina are in Trina's room)
  • Trina: If those puppets inspired Corey to play music, I'll beg he'd be totally out-spired if those same puppets got destroyed
  • Mina: I never knew you hated puppets.
  • Trina: I super never talk about it, but I'll remember it in my head.
  • (Trina rubs her head and a flashback starts)
  • (Trina is shown as a young little kid in a puppet store)
  • Trina: Pwetty Puppets!
  • (Trina jumps up to grab the pretty puppets of the shelf and it brake sand falls down)
  • Trina: Doh!
  • (Trina comes out of the pile, holding a Princess puppet)
  • Trina: (Gasp!) Eee Hee Hee Hee!
  • (A scary magician puppet on strings comes moving up to her)
  • (Trina runs off, only to run into a scary living clown puppet on strings)
  • Trina: SCAWY PUPPET! Pwotect me pwetty puppet!
  • (The pretty puppet somehow changes to having a demonic face looking at her)
  • Trina: AAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!
  • (Flashback ends)

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