This is the transcript for the episode On the Air and Out to Sea.

(Opening shot: Corey and Trina's house, zoom in on the garage.)

Kin: 6,000 Songs of Summer-

(Cut to Kon and Kin sitting at a computer screen, facing towards it.)

Kinis set to download,-

(Cut to a closeup of computer screen to show a white box with the three blue buttons from a Goggle browser at the top. In the center of the box is a gray, long and thin ractangle. Part of the left side is yellow. It goes up very slowly.)

Kin: -and will be done in...

(Cut to Kin and Kon, the back of the computer monitor covering part of the bottom left on Kon's face, and the bottom right of Kin's.)

Kin: ... 11 minutes.

Kon: 11 Minutes?! What are we, CAVEMEN?

 Kin: Our primitive ancestors would have probably experienced even longer download times.