Vital statistics
Full Name Otis
Aliases None
Age 1000s
Gender Male
Hair Color blueish gray
Race Caucasian, human-demon hybrid
Eye Color Black
Friends Mr. Peapenny and Grojband
Enemies None
Relatives None
Faction Overlord of the Netherworld and creator of elevator music
Location Netherworld
First Appearance Love in a Nethervator
Latest Appearance Love in a Nethervator
Voice Actor Unknown

Otis is a character that appeared in the episode Love in a Nethervator. He is the ruler of the Nethervator and all of it's evil elevator music. Kin and Kon told a hazy story of Rock Lore, saying that he was an evil demon, but it turned out that he was truthfully a happy, joyful man. He has the ability to transform into a demon.


Otis used to be a normal buttonkeeper for an elevator. He used to have been very happy with his job. However, he became very annoyed with the elevator music and he had to listen to it all day during his job. This made him go crazy with rage and he smashed the elevator buttons and made the elevator fall into the nether world, where he made it The Nethervator. In the underworld, he took control over The Nethervator and all of the other elevators in the world and played more horrible elevator music to torture the souls of everybody on the elevators...or that's what Kin and Kon's hazy Rock Lore would suggest, as he reveals that he really came down there to trap elevator music for all eternity.


Otis is a short, old man with an aqua mustache and hair. He is bald and wears a red suit and glasses. He has the ability to transform into a giant, red demon.


  • "The name's Otis. Welcome to my kingdom of rock and fire"
  • "It's probably this DAZZLING HAT!"
  • "And if the truth were donuts, you'd have a dozen."
  • "Oh this isn't where elevator music is made. No, no, no. This is where I TRAP IT FOR ALL ETERNITY! Neat huh?"
  • "What the candy canes is happening here?"


  • It has been confirmed that Otis didn't die at the end of Love in a Nethervator. He is actually trapped under a rock.[1]
  • His name and character is a reference to the real-life person who helped improve the elevator, Elisha Otis.



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