Outer Space
Outer Space is a celestial body that exists outside of the earth's atmosphere. It's most notable and prominent role in the show would be that it is home of the recurring major villains, The Orb Experience, who come from an unknown planet there and constantly try to destroy the earth.


Outer Space first appeared in the episode Smash Up Terby, when Trina, Mina, and Nick all rode on a roller coaster that was rigged by Kin and Kon to go up into space. There, the roller coaster went straight down, really fast, which caused a G-force, launching Trina's cotton candy into her face. Kon flew by, wearing an astronaut suit and took a photo.

In the episode Space Jammin', The Orb Experience debuted. A gang of aliens which came from outer space. While they planned on how to defeat Grojband, the orbs were all in their U.F.O., traveling through outer space.

In the episode Wish Upon a Jug, Corey and Trina got into a wish war. A war in which they both had genies and were making wishes that all came true. Eventually, their wish war got so out of control, that they ended up in outer space. It is unknown what wish caused this. One of the wishes that was made by Corey up there was for the moon to explode so Trina could never have a midnight kiss, which it did.

In the episode Hear Us Rock Part 1, The Orb Experience returned from space and G'ORB had threatened an attack which was a revenge meteor, headed toward the earth to destroy it.

In the episode Hear Us Rock Part 2, The Orb Experience watched the earth from space as G'ORB's revenge meteor ogre closer and closer, sending the earth closer and closer to it's domination. Grojband travelled to space and they had a battle of the bands on the face of his revenge meteor. Trina and Mina also went to space too. Trina started a secret alliance with G'ORB and Mina started a secret alliance with T'ORB. When they were in space, Grojband played the song I'm Giving It All, which destroyed the revenge meteor, just as they entered the earth's atmosphere, saving the world from it's doom.

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  • In the episodes Smash Up Terby and Wish Upon a Jug, human characters were able to go into space without spacesuits and breathe perfectly fine. However, in the episode Hear Us Rock Part 2, the humans needed to wear spacesuits. However, in Smash Up Terby, it was probably just a gag and in Wish Upon a Jug, Corey or Trina probably wished that they could breathe in space. It should also be noted that Kon had to wear a space suit in Smash Up Terby while Trina, Mina, and Nick didn't need to wear anything.
    • Overall, it can just be said that by terms of the laws of physics in the Grojband universe, space suits are not needed in space, and anyone can breathe there, and that space suits are just optional forms of clothing that are worn sometimes when people go up there.


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