Panda Bear Internet Meme
The Panda Bear Internet Meme is an internet meme about a panda bear that was created by Kin in the episode "Hear Us Rock Part 1."


Kin created the Panda Bear Internet Meme to inform people about the Apocalypse. At first, it was a scared, crying panda that was crying because the world was being blown up. The meme was called "Doomsday Panda." It was supposed to make people become aware of the fact that the world was ending and that they should celebrate their last day on earth by partying. However, when they did this, they forgot to add the part that said there was going to be a party and it caused everybody to freak out and go insane. Kin tried to make another meme with the panda called "Party Panda" that was of the panda bear having a party with some cake that exploded on him but it wasn't enough to calm people down. The panda meme was seen once again in the episode. When Trina went into Crying Diary Mode, a bunch of panda memes were seen surrounding her.


The Panda Bear Internet Meme is a black and white panda bear. The Panda Bear Internet Meme's legs, arms, ears, and tail are black while the rest of his body is white. He also has a blue nose. The Panda Bear Internet Meme has three hairs on his head and some freckles on the sides of his nose.



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