Pilot Diary Mode

Pilot Diary Mode is the original extended version of Diary Mode that was seen in the Grojband Pilot.


Trina will get so angry that she jets up into the air. When she's in the air, she will fly across the screen, turn into a shadow, spin around, fly up offscreen, come back down without being a shadow again, and then her pen and diary will go around her. She will grab her pen and diary and then the flashing word "Write!" will appear on screen. A side view of Trina writing in her diary, causing flames to appear will happen followed by a direct view of the pages of Trina's diary with streaks of fire going across them as she writes. Then, a front view of Trina writing in her diary will happen, panning across the screen as she writes in her diary. It will them show a full body shot of Trina writing in her diary while a bunch of sets of the words "Writing song lyrics" surround her all over. She will then finish her diary entry, hold out her pen, and the flames on it will die out and turn to smoke. Then Trina will fall down, leaving her diary mode.

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