Pinkcredible Laney

Pinkredible is Trina's pink sweater, which appeared in "All You Need is Cake".


Pinkredible was Trina's favorite sweater, until she ditched it for The Green Hoodie. However she missed Pinkredible dearly, and remained heartbroken. She became so concerned and obsessed with it, that she neglected her friend Mina. Eventually, she couldn't stand it anymore and she went back to find it. She found out that she was too late to get it back and that Laney had found it and kept it for herself. This made her go into Sadness Diary Mode. After this, Laney got rid of the sweater and threw it in the trash can which is where Trina was. Trina found it and was so happy to finally get Pinkredible back into her life again and she continued to love it as well as neglecting her friend Mina and making her feel jealous.


Pinkredible is a bright, pink sweater. It is very furry, which Laney describes as being itchy. The sleeves, collar, and trim of it are big and bulgy and are lined like the rim of a sock.

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