Pinktastic is Trina Riffin's car. Trina is seen driving her car around in many episodes and is very affectionate about it. Trina drives her car very recklessly.


Pinktastic first appeared in the episode "Smash Up Terby" where Trina had to use it to drive Grojband to the Carnival Derby. In the same episode, Corey entered Pinktastic into the smash up derby as Car number #4. Trina was able to drive her car in the derby without getting it destroyed. However, after she figured out that she had to go up against Nick Mallory in the derby, she went into Diary Mode and ripped a hole in the top of her car. After the derby, she and Nick both ran out of gas before they could ram into each other, ending the derby with a tie. In the episode, "The Pirate Lounge for Me," Trina wasn't allowed to get into the Garage which was where her car was and so she forced Captain Tighty Whitey, Shaven Beard, and Barnacle Tim to dig up gold to get her a new car. In the episode "Soulin' Down the Road", Trina's soul got trapped inside of Pinktastic and she was able to control it and do whatever she wanted with it. She was able to get Nick inside of Pinktastic and she took him to the Drive In Movie Theater where Nick tried to kiss her, but she knocked him out with the hood of her car making her go into Crying Soul Diary Mode just as her soul left Pinktastic.


Pinktastic is a pink sedan with blue windows and black tires.

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