Vital statistics
Full Name Planty
Aliases Trina's science project
Age 2 days (deceased)
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Race Plant
Eye Color None
Friends Trina Riffin (possibly) and Grojband (formerly)
Enemies Grojband
Love Interest None
Relatives None
Faction Replacement for Grojband
Location Garage
First Appearance One Plant Band
Latest Appearance One Plant Band
Voice Actor Unknown

Planty is an evil plant that appeared in the episode One Plant Band.


Planty started off as Trina's science project, but then Grojband's music made him grow into a living monster that hypnotized Corey into going vegan and forcing his band to go vegan as well. Grojband defeated him by chopping him up and making a salad out of him.


Planty is a giant green Venus fly trap with a giant, talking, pink head with sharp teeth. He has four leaves which he uses as his arms and he sits in a brown flower pot,with green leaves as legs.


Planty is a very relaxed and free range plant that enjoys the life of being a vegan, which he is very dedicated to. He wants everything to be natural and uses products of pure nature for everything he does and forbids any artificial or man made material objects. He also has hypnosis powers which he uses to make people agree with him and mindlessly follow his lifestyle without reason.


  • "You don't need no manufactured sounds. Music should just flow naturally."
  • "Not only can I talk, I can also show you the true meaning of music."
  • "You have no idea."
  • "No good reason? That's reason enough for me."
  • "I'm in a whole lot of trouble aren't I?"


  • Planty is an obvious parody of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, who is also a gigantic, talking plant (from outer space), who mind controls its owner. Planty's deep voice also sounds strickingly similar to that of Audrey II's.


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