Pollenation Nation
The Pollination Nation 
is a bee-themed beauty pageant that was being held by Mayor Mellow in the episode Queen Bee. It is a beauty pageant where little girls compete by doing bee related things to declare who becomes the queen bee. Trina and Laney were the only two people who entered this competition because Trina scared away the rest of the competition. Laney was trying to lose on purpose so that Trina would win and go into Love Diary Mode, but Trina kept on doing so bad, that Laney won the pageant, making Trina go into Anger Diary Mode instead. After this, Grojband got her diary and put in into lyrics for the song Queen Bee which they sang at the pageant. After Trina realized that there were a lot of responsibilities that came along with being the queen bee, she gave up her crown and throne to Mina.



Image Flair fun, failure and falls

Challenge 1: Their first challenge was to milk the bee to make delicious honey. Laney was successful in doing this, and received delicious honey. Trina was too rough on her bee, and even though she made more honey than Laney, she still lost the challenge.

Challenge 2: Their next challenge was to ride the mechanical bee. Trying to get Trina to win, Laney delibrately fell off, making Trina win. As soon as she heard this, she started bragging in front of Laney causing Trina to lose, and Laney to win.

Challenge 3: Their final challenge was to find the sugar while blindfolded. Laney was a little rough, and found the sugar first, while Trina totally wrecked the place, causing Laney to be the new queen bee.

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