Pop is a form of fizzy drink that is sold in bottles or cans and is widely popular throughout Peaceville, to the point where a festival called Bubble Fest, exists in honor of this beverage which is featured in Pop Goes the Bubble.


In Pop Goes the Bubble, during Bubble Fest citizens all over Peaceville are shown drinking the beverage. However (thanks to Trina shaking up a bottle) Mayor Mellow accidentally gets a bottle cap lodged in his brain, which makes him ban all bubbles. So Grojband devises a plan to return the bubbles into the pop so that everyone can have fun.


Pop comes in clear glass bottles or in aluminum cans. The aluminum cans are silver and have purple labels on them. The cans have pictures of white bubbles going all along them. The bottles are glass curved bottles that have red bottle caps and two red labels on them. One around the body of the bottle and another around the neck. The red labels have pictures of white bubbles on them. It is a brown liquid that is very fizzy. Some larger variants are also made specifically for the show.


  • The bottles of pop may possibly be of homage to bottles of Coca-Cola due to their similar appearances. Both of them are curved glass bottles full of brown soda with red labels and bottle caps.

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