Corey and his replacement bandmates

Replacement Grojband are replacements that Corey Riffin made when Grojband broke up during "It's in the Card". They are all composed from inanimate objects and made to look like their real counterparts.


  • Janey - The replacement for Laney Penn, made from a broom with a face painted on, wearing Laney's clothes.
  • Jin - The replacement for Kin Kujira, made from a painted skateboard with a face painted on and Kin's glasses, as well as cardboard box painted to look like Kin's clothes.
  • Jon - The replacement for Kon Kujira, made from a brown burlap sack with a gray bucket that has Kon's face painted on, as well as black hair and a purple tissue box that has Kon's headband wrapped around. The sack also sits in a cardboard box with a plank of wood and a yellow glove for an arm, as well as Kon's pants attached at the bottom.