Ringo[1] is a background character in Grojband. He had his only speaking role in the episode "Inn Err Face", where he built a Mini-Sub to enter in the Science Fair. Kin stole his mini sub and shrunk it down to enter Trina and rescue Kon. This confused him because he had no idea where his Mini-Sub went which also got him disqualified.


Ringo is a young boy with brown spiky hair that he wears in a mullet and white skin. He wears a light blue shirt with a white collar and white sleeves. He also wears a pair of blue jeans and brown shoes.

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Wish Upon a Jug - He was seen in the foreground at the Rodeo Throw. He was later seen in the audience during Grojband's performance.
  • All You Need is Cake - He was one of the people invited to Bake Barnera's wedding.
  • Queen Bee - He was seen in the audience of the Pollination Nation.
  • Super Zeroes - He was seen in the audience of The Justice Band's final performance.
  • Line of Credit - He was seen running and screaming while the delinquent babies attacked him, and the citizens of Peaceville with toy guns.
  • Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow- He was seen in the front row for Dog Gone.
  • Ahead of our own Tone - He was one of the people who was under the control of Sparklebrain's mind controlling Blab Tap.
  • Inn Err Face - Ringo had his first speaking role in this episode. He was one of the people competing at the Science Fair. He entered a submarine into the fair but it was stolen before the judges came, which got him disqualified from the competition.


  • It is possible that he is a parody or allusion to Ringo Starr.


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