Kin and Kon tell Laney a little but about Rock Lore

Rock Lore is an ancient world of various music lore that range from origin stories to legend. The accuracy of these stories are between true, to somewhat true, to totally made up. In various episodes of the show, Kin and Kon will tell extracts of Rocklore. They constantly tell stories of an ancient mythological place called "Mt. Rocklympus" and the legendary stories of the mighty Rocklympian gods of music who lived there and what they did to affect history.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

Wish Upon a JugEdit

The Brotherly Brothers

Kin and Kon tell the story on how jug music was founded. It was a hot day and two men, known as The Brotherly Boys, sold their instruments for drinks. Unfortunately it was so hot that their drinks evaporated and they had no instruments to play until they discovered that music could be made by blowing on the jugs. When Laney asked Kin and Kon if they went on tour, Kon replied "No, they died of thirst."

Monster of RockEdit

Chewpoocaca Rock Lore

Kin and Kon tell a Rock Lore about a monster that lives in the sewers called El Chewpoocaca that steals and eats children. The only way to put it to sleep is to play a monster lullaby. Upon witnessing the monster, Kin and Kon were both amazed to find out that for once, it's true.

A Knight to RememberEdit

The great debut if the Four Squalls

Kin and Kon tell the story of The Four Squalls. King Lyricles, the master song writer of Rocklympus, was bored and summoned entertainment. He was not happy with a lot of them and then the Four Squalls appeared. Since the Four Squalls were not invited the king forced them to fight his knight, Smasheus. Kin and Kon admit to making this story up.

On the Air and Out to SeaEdit

Frequencious is evil

Kin and Kon tell a Rock Lore. Frequencious was furious about the Rocklympus radio station and their super lame music so much, he decided to take the airwaves by stealing them from the gods, after which he beamed his voice to high heavens, that is until the gods found out and punished him for his crimes.

Love in a NethervatorEdit

RAAAGH! RAR! I'm Scary!

Elevator music is made by a monster in the underworld called the Button Keeper. The music is sent up through elevator shafts to torture everyone. The only way to go to the Button Keeper is to summon the Nethervator by saying "Going down, basement floor, lovely weather we're having." The truth is the Button Keeper is a man called Otis who can turn into a monster when his hat is removed. Otis hates elevator music and stays in the underworld to trap it but the music is being created with every new elevator. After finding out the truth, Kin admits that it was a hazy Rock Lore.

Six Strings of EvilEdit

The Rock Lore of Nerdicius

The Flute of Rocklympus is an instrument that could play perfectly. Its first owner was Nerdiscious, god of unpopularity. and made him cool. Later it is revealed that this instrument is a shape shifter and has the power to mind control living beings. The Flute hates other music and tries to destroy it, even at the cost of lives.


Lyricles vs Screecules

Kin and Kon tell a story about the mighty gods of Rocklympous. Lyricles and Shredicious were huge enemies who both made two different kinds of music, singing and guitar. They both teamed up with each other and mashed their music together to make a song which became the first ever mash up song as well as the biggest and best song ever in Rocklympian history.

Who Are YouEdit

Rock Lore of Dark Rimmed Glasseous

Dark Rimmed Glasseous was a rock god who was very quiet and bland. He never talked or smiled at anything. He was very unpopular with the other gods. One day, he played some music at a temple full of hipster gods who were never impressed by anything. The music he played was music was music that nobody had ever heard of before, which made them love it a lot. They all were very impressed by his music and made him extremely popular, but he didn't seem to care about it. Thus, giving birth to the trend of being a hipster.

The Pirate Lounge for MeEdit

Rock Lore of Melodious Monk
Melodious Monk was a very popular person a long time ago. He hung out in lounges and was mostly popular because he was very laid back and cool headed. Melodious Monk won dozens of golden medals for being so cool. Later in the episode, it was revealed that Mayor Mellow and Melodious Monk were the same people and that Melodious Monk was a nickname he went by during that time.

Soulin' Down the RoadEdit

The princes of 50's soul music in Rock Lore

Kin and Kon tell the Rock Lore about a band from the 50s called the Princes of 50s Soul Music. They were a band of four people who sang soul music. They all became really popular by have great feelings singing heart-felt music that came from the soul.

Curse of the MetrognomeEdit

Metrognome vs The Four Squalls

Kin and Kon tell the Rock Lore about a gnome called the Metrognome. He is a magical gnome creature who uses his magic to make people do things off timing. In the story, The Four Squalls were planning on playing music at the turn of the new year, but The Metrognome cursed them with his magic, which caused them to do everything off timing and they failed to play their music at the right time.

Dueling ButtonsEdit

Rock Lore about Solo Shredder and Savage Fred

Kin and Kon tell the story of a video game called Solo Shredder. A wildly popular guitar game where you can play music by mashing buttons. The master of this game is a nerdy guy named Savage Fred who has the universal high score. Scientists have proven for his high score to be 1000% unbeatable and that he has become a world famous Solo Shredder icon.

Hear Us Rock Part 1Edit

Ancient Sombans

Kin and Kon are terrified because they think that the world is going to end. They tell a Rock Lore of which they got the proof of the world ending from. They tell the story of two people called Ancient Sambans who lived in South America.. They both did a dance that was mathmaticly perfect and would predict the story of rest of the world. Their dance only showed 1001 more years of the world's existence before it ended, meaning that the world would end 1001 years in the future which was that very day.


  • The concept of Rock Lore in general and many of its stories are based off of Greek Mythology.
  • It was confirmed by the creators that Rock Lore was inspired by Tenacious D.
  • In the episodes "A Knight to Remember," "The Pirate Lounge for Me," "Soulin' Down the Road" and "Curse of the Metrognome," Kin and Kon appear in the Rock Lore and sometimes even interact with the other people in them.
  • The Sambans end of the world is most likely based off of the end of the world on the Mayan calendar in 2012.