Shoe-Niversties are a pair of shoes that were invented by Kin Kujira in the episode "Who Are You." They are shoes that are supposed make someone smarter and more evolved by walking in them. They were invented when Kin heard the phrase, "Walking a mile in another man's shoes." Corey misuses them and walks backwards, causing him to forget what he already knew, he eventually walks back so much that he forgets virtually everything, which leads him to no longer care about anything, and hence he turns into a hipster. However Grojband make him walk forwards whilst wearing the Shoe-Niversities on a treadmill, however Kon turns the setting up too high so Corey walks forward too much, making him over-caring. By this stage the Shoe-Niversities have become worn and tattered, so Kin repairs them using gum and sticky tape and has Corey walk backwards in them one last time. Kon calls them "Ed-shoe-cations".

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