Slumberberry KABOOM!
Slumberberry Candles are scented candles that appeared in the episode "Group Hug". They are innocent enough looking candles that actually hold a lot of very powerful abilities that can be used for evil. Kate and Allie took advantage of this as used them as what they said was aroma-therapy, but what they really used it as was a trap to make Corey, and later, the rest of Grojband pass out so they could tie them up in their garage later.


The Slumberberry Candles are wax cylinder shaped candles that come in different shades of purple and blue. The candles have black fuses and are melted at the top, from the previously lit flames of the candles. The melted wax pours over the top of the candle and is a lighter shade of whatever color the cancle itself is. Slumberberry candles emit the scent of Slumberberry which are purple or blue scent lines that float through the air, coming from the base of the candle.

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