Smile Diary Mode
Smile Diary Mode is a Love Diary Mode that Trina first went into in the episode The Pirate Lounge for Me. Trina went into this diary mode because Pinktastic had been trapped in the garage and she couldn't get it out. Finally, Corey needed to get lyrics so he and his band pushed Pinktastic out of there which made Trina so happy, that she went into this love diary mode.


This was a love diary mode like any other, only Trina has a huge smile that showed her teeth and went all the way across her face. Instead of hearts being in her eyes, her eyes were big and full of sparkles. The stuff that was surrounding her was hearts.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

The Pirate Lounge for MeEdit

Trina went into smile diary mode when Grojband pushed Pinktastic out of the garage. She also has her hands on her cheeks when she went into this diary mode. She took her hands off her cheeks to write in her diary. The stuff that was surrounding her was hearts.

Hear Us Rock Part 2Edit

Trina went into Happy Astronaut Diary Mode in this episode when she realized that she finally defeated Grojband and she was going to spend the rest of eternity with Nick Mallory while the rest of the world got destroyed by an apocalyptic meteor. The background was purple in this diary mode and she was wearing an astronaut costume. When she wrote in her diary, flames appeared on the paper as though it were an Anger Diary Mode. The stuff surrounding her was tiny meteors.

Episode AppearancesEdit


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