This page tells about everyone who has taken part on making the Grojband series.


Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton are the creators of Grojband.

Episode WritersEdit

Voice ActorsEdit

Voice actor Character No. of episodes
Lyon Smith Corey Riffin/Carrie Beff 52
Bryn McAuley Laney Penn/Lenny Nepp 52
Sergio Di Zio Kin Kujira/Kim Kagami 52
Tim Beresford Kon Kujira/Konnie Kagami 52
Alyson Court Trina Riffin 52
Denise Oliver Mina Beff 49
Graeme Cornies Nick Mallory/Wicked Cool Transitions 52
Kedar Brown Mayor Mellow/Barnacle Tim 24
Dwayne Hill Buzz Newsworthy/Metrognome 21
Julie Lemieux Chance Happening 20
Addison Holley Kate Persky 14
Madelyn May Allie Day 15
Robert Tinkler G'ORB/Captain Tighty Whitey/Shaven Beard 6
Brian Froud T'ORB/Cleat/Jammy/Savage Fred 5
Christian Potenza Party Danimal 6
Melanie Leishman Chipper 3
Jacob Ewaniuk Two Junior 2
Gage Munroe Mick Mallory 1
Seán Cullen Blade Stabbington 1
Brigid Tierney Cherry Grapestain 1

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