Statue Steve
Statue Steve
Vital statistics
Full Name Statue Steve
Aliases Unknown
Age 30's or 40's
Gender Male
Hair Color Unknown
Race Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Friends None
Enemies Citizens of Peaceville
Relatives Unknown
Faction Street Preformer
Location The Park
First Appearance Myme Disease
Latest Appearance Myme Disease
Voice Actor N/A
Statue Steve is a character that appeared in the episode Myme Disease. He is a street performer who pretends to be a statue.


Statue Steve was known as a famous street performer who was really good at pretending that he was a statue. However some people eventually came to believe he was a fraud, and that Statute Steve really was an actual statue. This enraged his fans and they all destroyed him in an angry mob. However afterwards, it was discovered that Statue Steve really was a real street performer, and that the angry mob had killed him. So a real statue was erected in his honor.


Statue Steve is a tall man who is painted in gray body paint to make him look like he is made out of stone and to look like a statue. He wears a beret, a jacket, a shirt, pants, and shoes, all painted gray, to look like they are also made out of stone. Statue Steve is also always in the exact same initial position, with his hands on his hips, his eyes closed, smiling, and proudly standing up in a strong and pride-filled posture.


Statue Steve is a very proud and confident man and he takes great pride in his work. He expresses it through said work by standing in the same proud posture and going along with what he aims to achieve. He is very committed to his job as he has been known to be standing in the same area for at least a month and not moving at all. Even when people started rioting at him, he was still good enough to ignore them and keep working. He obviously doesn't value his life as he continued to pretend to be a real statue even when people were tearing him down and boycotting him, and played this joke out to the point where they actually did kill him.

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