Sunderday, Julaugust Eleveneeth, also known as Comet Day is an event that marks the annual arrival of the reality-warping Bonkerton Comet. On this day, due to the comet's presence, bizarre things are known to occur.

Bizarre PhenomenaEdit

  • Buzz Newsworthy's helmet turning into a baby's bib.
  • Trina Riffin and Mina Beff changing personalities.
  • Mayor Mellow teleporting into the Medieval Festival.
  • Smasheus entering the real world from Kin Kujira and Kon Kujira's imagination.
  • A comfortable hammock materializing underneath Mayor Mellow.
  • Grojband's instruments turning into weapons.
  • A cat chasing a dog.
  • Spontaneous rain clouds forming.
  • People's outfits changing.
  • People being attacked by snakes.
  • Manholes spouting water.

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