The Kujira House
The Kujira House is the home of the Kujira family. The Kujira house is right across from The Riffin House.


The Kujira house is the house that is home to all of the immediate members of the Kujira family, most notably Kin and Kon and it is conveniently right across from The Riffin House, meaning that they can visit Corey almost any time they want and spend time with him, and his next door neighbor, Laney, as Grojband. The inside of the house has never been seen and no one has ever acknowledged it other than in the episode Monster of Rock, when Kon had an imagination sequence, where he was seen sitting on the couch and channel surfing in what is presumably the living room of the house. It was also confirmed that Kin and Kon's bedroom has a bunk bed that they sleep on, wherein Kon has the top bunk of the bunk bed, which is likely a gag on the fact that he is bigger and heavier than Kin. The Kujira house is occasionally seen in the background. Mostly when the scene going on is taking place in the Garage. Many times, when the garage door is opened, and the shot angle is viewing directly through the threshold, The Kujira house can be faintly seen in the background, though most of the time, half of it will be cut off screen, as it usually shows the view in between the two houses, including itself and the blue one next door.


The Kujira House is a brownish tan colored house with a black roof. It is a very tall house which is likely two stories high but also possibly three stories, considering the positioning of the windows on the roof on the front of the house and the window on the roof above the garage. The door to the house is a vague color of green and the garage door is also a dull green color.



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