The Orbmans

The Orbmans are The Newmans possessed by The Orb Experience. They appeared in the episode "Space Jammin'." Although they are a crossover of both bands, they like to refer to themselves only as "The Orb Experience."


  • G'ORB/Carrie - Carrie Beff while possessed by G'ORB. Appears identical to Carrie, only with blue eyes in G'ORB's coloration, along with G'ORB's voice. Still serves as the lead singer, and presumably the leader of the band.
  • T'ORB/Konnie - Konnie Kagami while possessed by T'ORB. Appears identical to Konnie, only with purple eyes in T'ORB's coloration, along with T'ORB's voice. Still serves as the drummer.
  • Z'ORB/Kim - Kim Kagami while possessed by Z'ORB. Appears identical to Kim, only with green eyes in Z'ORB's coloration, along with Z'ORB's voice. Serves as the band's keyboardist.
  • N'ORB/Lenny - Lenny Nepp while possessed by N'ORB. Appears identical to Lenny, only with pink eyes in N'ORB's coloration, along with N'ORB's voice. Serves as the bassist of the band.

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