The Riffin House

The Riffin House is a house that the Riffin family lives in.


The Riffin House is red and has a black roof on it. The main body of the house is a sort of pinkish colored red, while the garage section of the house is a brighter more straight out colored red. The front door is a brownish orange color. There are two garage doors that are only visible as two from the outside, while on the inside, it's only one door. They are also a darker color red than the garage's body and on the other side of the door(s), it is gray. There is also a really tall, gray, stone chimney. It is a two story house that is located in Peaceville. Trina's room is both a loft and attached to garage. There’s a door to the garage and one leading to the hallway on the second floor of the house next to the bathroom.





Concept ArtEdit


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