Kin's Time Machine
The Time Machine is an invention that was created by Kin and used in the episode Ahead Of Our Own Tone. It is a time machine that Kin and the other members of Grojband often times use to travel through time in.


The time machine is a brown time machine that appears to be wooden but it is probably metal. It has a clock on top of it and a glass door which makes it resemble that on a grandfather clock. It has two golden electricity needles where one of them is attached to a black curly cord that attaches to a light bulb on top of the machine. On it's side, the machine has two blue gem shaped light bulbs and a golden fuel tank.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Kin's time machine resembles a grandfather clock.
  • Kin's time machine was mentioned in the episode Pop Goes the Bubble.

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