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Tire Tracks
Season 1, Song 1
Tire tracks! Tire tracks!
Singer(s): Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney
Episode: Smash Up Terby
Song guide
"Cherry Cherry"

Tire Tracks is a song sung by Grojband in the episode Smash Up Terby.


Corey: Tire Tracks
All: Tire Tracks
Corey: You drove them straight through my heart.
In your hot, hot, hot, hurt cart. (?)
That's what I'm calling your car now.
Side Swipe!
All: Side swiped!
Corey: I just wanted some time to chill
but you sprayed mud all up in my grille.
Teenage angst.
All: Plus mud!
Corey: No thanks.
I-I I'm way too yes for second best.
I stop and stare don't see.
All: Don't care.
Corey: Kiss my derriere
or call me!

Extended VersionEdit

Original Tire Tracks

Corey: Tire Tracks!
All: Tire Tracks!
Corey: You drove them straight through my heart
In your hot, hot, hot, hurt cart.
That's what I'm calling your car now. Side swipe!
All: Side swipe!
Corey: You made me puke up my food.
Egg burrito. How crude.
I hope that carney likes cleaning now.
Aw! I just wanted some time to chill
but you'd rather spray mud up in my grille.
Teenage angst
Kin/Kon/Laney: Fast lane!
Corey: No thanks!
I-I'm way to yes for second best.
I stop and stare. Don't see
All: Don't care!
Corey: Kiss my derrière
or call me!
(Guitar solo)
Corey: Teenage angst!
All: Fast lane!
Corey: No thanks!
I-I-I'm way too yes for second best.
I hate this fair don't like
All: don't care!
Corey: Or call me.
Just call me.


  • In the Grojband Pilot, there is an extended version of this song.
    • However, the original uncut version of this song available on YouTube does not contain the original extended version of the song. Instead it contains the final cut.
  • When Kin started playing the keyboard with his butt, his hands were missing.



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