Trina's Animal Costume Party

Trina's Animal Costume Party is a party that was held in the Garage of The Riffin House by Trina Riffin. It appeared in the episode "Zoohouse Rock." It was a zoo animal themed party that nobody attended except for Mina and for a short period of time Nick. The reason why nobody came to Trina's party was because everyone had gone to Nick's Animal Freedom Party at Peaceville Zoo. Trina goes to Nick's party to ask him why he's not at her own party.


Trina's party was in the garage of The Riffin House, had pink and purple streamers around the room and many tables of food.


  • Trina Riffin - Trina Riffin was the person who was hosting the party. The animal she dressed as was a pink unicorn.
  • Mina Beff - Mina was the only real guest at this party. Her costume was a blue kangaroo.
  • Nick Mallory - Nick Mallory temporarily attended this party for a very short period of time before he ditched the party to go to his own party. He didn't bother wearing an animal costume.

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