Trina's Goldfish
Trina's Goldfish
Vital statistics
Full Name Unknown
Aliases Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Hair Color None
Race Goldfish
Eye Color Black
Friends Trina Riffin
Enemies Unknown
Relatives Trina Riffin (owner)
Faction Pet
Location Trina's Room
First Appearance The Pirate Lounge for Me
Latest Appearance It's in the Card
Voice Actor {{{voice actor}}}
Trina's Goldfish is the unnamed pet goldfish of Trina Riffin. It has made a few very minor appearances in the show and every one of them have had something to do with Trina and her room, implying that this must be her pet fish. Very little is known about this fish as it is barely seen in the show.


Trina's goldfish first appeared in the episode The Pirate Lounge for Me where it was seen being held by Captain Tighty Whitey after the pirate crew plundered the house. It appeared again in It's in the Card. Trina was seen throwing things down at Grojband, including her fish. Laney caught the fishbowl to save it. Later in the episode, when Trina went into diary mode, her fish blasted out of the bowl on a geyser of hearts and love.


Trina's goldfish is a little orange goldfish. It has big eyes with dark red eyelids and dark red lips. He has a big fan-like tail, a dorsal fin, two flippers, and a fin on his head, all of which are a slightly more peach colored shade of orange than the rest of it's body. Trina's goldfish is always seen floating in a shiny, clear fishbowl that is full of blue water.

Episode AppearancesEdit