Hi, I'm Trina Riffin



  • "Hashtag Sabotage!"
  • "BAM!"

Smash Up TerbyEdit

  • "It's called a lane loser, PICK ONE!"
  • "Ew! It's talking at me!"

A certain episode had her saying, "UGH! Im stuck in this box WITH MY BROTHER'S MUSIC?!?!?!"

Cloudy with a Chance of Malt BallsEdit

  • "That extra pass is staying with me."
  • "What? I don't even get the chance to meet Cherry? After getting her all those stupid snacks? I even paid for them myself with Mina's cash!"

Dance of the DeadEdit

  • "All those movies were totally right. The greatest moments in life DO happen in slow motion!"
  • "Since when do guys like...BRAINS?!"

Math of KonEdit

  • "Time to out-nerd the nerds as my completely surprising alter-ego."

Space Jammin'Edit

  • "Sabotage is like, so satisfying."

Queen BeeEdit

  • "You wanna know what my special talent is? ... CRUSHING DREAMS!"
  • "What part of "Your band stinks" didn't I say?"

On the Air and Out to SeaEdit

  • "Mega Gasp! Mina, sudden appearance!"

Ahead of our own ToneEdit

  • "In-Brain implant? Mina, if Nick Mallory gets one we'll be joined to the brain! I need this! ... A-HA! ... Wait until Nick Mallory gets a down-load of me; My brain sparkles! I am the harbinger of a glorious dawn! Meld with me and SUBMIT TO MY COMMANDS!"
  • "*"My brain has never sparkled so hard!"

War and PeacevilleEdit

  • "Nick has become lame, up has become down, left has become Wednesday."

Girl FestEdit

  • "Mina! We need Candy to play "I can't tell I love you" so Nick and I can ride into Smooch City!"

Bee Bop A LoofahEdit

  • "ARRRRGH!!!!" Why are you in MY BATHROOM?!"


  • "Just try to imagine ... Just Imagine ... How little I care and junk."
  • "Guess whose sister totally snitched you out? Hashtag Sabotage!"
  • "Five seconds ago, things were absolutely great! I miss the good old days!"
  • "Have fun trying to thrash this bash without your hands and bands."
  • "If I can't have love, no one can..."
  • "Oh No! The internet is like, outernet!"
  • "I'm so confused ... and angry!
  • "Argh, and things! It's been exactly two minutes and no Nick! It's like so date-time!"
  • "You're like, brutal."
  • "This outfit is perf...sorry it took two days, forgot you were here."
  • "Mina, stop feeling pain! Do you know how embarrassing it was to get cut from the scarfing team?"
  • "Heave and like, ho, or whatever!"
  • "Mina, costumes, now!"
  • "I don't know why it set on fire, it just did! So am I team captain or what?"
  • "Total chumps of Peaceville, I am Stiletto: the huge mega-enemy of the Justice Band! Those zeroes are not heroes!"
  • "Lips, it's go time!"
  • "Hi, Hunky Nick Mallory."
  • "Sigh, Mina. You're just like me when I was a scared little baby like you. Difference: I found someone to keep me safe from loud noises and things: Mr. Mooseface!"
  • "Nick Mallory is, like, such a babe! He's SO not weak and junk, and he smells so good and stuff!"
  • "IT'S THE PAST!"
  • "That's okazies..."
  • "I got your text."
  • "Corey? Sing a love song? Scoff! He hasn't fallen in love and knows nothing about it..."
  • "That's when you're drowning, duh."
  • "And now you're losing your weak country! I'm so fake-sad!"
  • "I have plansies..."
  • "Who cares? Just whatever my number into the sky and tell them to text me!"
  • "Nick where are you going WITH MINA?"

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